Monday, April 15, 2013

"Autumn Carnival" birch tree oil painting by Niki Gulley - Just Sold

"Autumn Carnival" ©2013 Niki Gulley
SOLD • 36" x 48" textured oil painting on wrap around canvas

Just Sold at the Fredericksburg Good Art Company Gallery! Painted with extremely thick oil paint and palette knives so that this canvas is loaded with texture and bursting with color, flickering autumn leaves seem to almost dance in a gentle breeze. I wanted this scene to be filled with movement and energy, so I incorporated a lot of diagonal and curving shapes in the design to suggest that feeling. Contrasting short staccato strokes against blended passages with my palette knives, also increase that sense of motion. I hope you, too, can feel the excitement of walking through the woods on a beautiful fall day, letting your cares slip away and your spirit being invigorated.

To see more of my textured landscape oil paintings from my one woman show, "Nature's Kaleidscope," at the Good Art Company in Fredericksburg, TX, visit

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