Friday, November 2, 2012

Niki Gulley featured artist at First Friday Gallery Walk

“Ivory Refrain” ©2012 Niki Gulley
24” x 30” textured oil on canvas

Scrolling bark peels back like white washed parchment revealing secrets in the deeply textured wood below. A painting of grace and beauty, it’s verticality offset by embracing branches wound round as a sheltering arm. Each stroke is crisp, vivid, defined by thick textured oil, rich colors strike a reverberating chord – purple and the compliment of gold create a visual vibration that resonates in an optical song.

This painting along with several more of my textured aspen paintings will be featured at the Good Art Company Gallery in Fredericksburg, TX, as part of Fredericksburg's Fall Gallery Walk. I will be at the gallery to meet with you tonight from 6pm - 8pm and answer any questions about my work. I'd love to see you there!

Good Art Company Gallery
First Friday Gallery Walk

218 West Main St.
Fredericksburg, TX


If you'd like more information about my upcoming workshops in the US and Europe, visit

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