Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Christmas Aspens #8, 8"x10", Original Contemporary Abstract Aspen Tree Painting by Colorado Contemporary Artist Kimberly Conrad

                  Kimberly Conrad Contemporary Artist "Pouring Color Into Your Life" 

Original acrylic abstract holiday aspen tree painting on l40 lb watercolor paper. 
This painting will fit a standard 8"x10" frame, or may be matted and framed to a larger size. This painting was one of two of the 2011 Winter Aspen and Christmas Aspen series, that I kept in my private collection.  Winter Aspens 2012 Series kicks off tomorrow... 

 Seasonal art is a WONDERFUL gift...I love to take out my small holiday paintings, that I don't have space for year around. It is like acquiring a new piece of art all over again when I bring them out at the beginning of the holiday season!!!! Featuring Colorado artist Pam Holnback on  the Artists Corner today...click HERE to see her newly posted paintings!!

$47.00/ Free Shipping

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